Proteus Digital Health, Redwood City, CA

"We are essentially trying to create a new industry, and the thing that struck me was that their portfolio looks like tomorrow.

They know how to help people outside of our design team evaluate and work with design. The concepts are bracketed in a clear & logical way – our engineers really get this. They're really good at curating, and they only show conepts they love – it makes the client’s job easier."

Proteus Digital Health
Arna IonescuVP Design & User Experience

Otterbox Products, LLC Fort Collins, CO

"Greg & Treasure are great listeners, trustworthy and run an effective process designing seductive and manufacturable products. Their boutique approach to product creation is better than my experience with larger firms. They are my default industrial design partner."

DVS Sciences
Adam BenzionProduct Innovation

Keyssa, Inc. Campbell, CA

"Very talented. Execute well. Responsive."

"Working with Anvil has been a very good experience - practical, creative, personable. They’re really good at translating product and marketing ideas, into concept, sketches and proto-types. Because they have an engineering background, they understand how to design realistic products that can be turned into high volume mass production. They follow up on what they promise and deliver to schedule."

Eric AlmgrenCEO
Mariel Van TatenhoveVP Marketing

DVS Sciences (acquired by Fluidigm, Inc), Sunnyvale, CA

"The difference with Anvil is the excellence in their design talent, their ability to be agile (even with a demanding schedule), and the diversity of their experience. Their work is both fresh and sophisticated at the same time."

DVS Sciences
Joe VictorPresident & CEO of DVS Sciences

Nathan Sports (a division of Penguin Brands, Inc), Philadelphia, PA

"Not all designers can take feedback. I like to think we gave input that was helpful and that we weren’t problematic in the way we gave feedback. Sometimes you work with design groups and they come across as an artist that’s found their niche as a designer. They speak to you more about lines, colors, symmetry. We speak about performance, mechanical, engineering. Most cannot do their own CAD, most have people that do CAD but are not designers. Anvil has skills sets to swing both ways. In our case the mechanical aspect was critical. The styling came through really nicely and the product is striking."

Nathan Sports
Canice HarteVP Licensing & Innovation

Oval Concepts (a division of Advanced Sports International), Philadelphia, PA

"While at my previous employer I worked closely with Anvil on a number of successful projects. There's an art and a science to designing products for speed, and certain bike frames and components require both. They need to communicate speed while sitting stationary in a showroom, and they also need to get results in a wind tunnel and in a real-world racing environment. Anvil gets it.."

Oval Concepts
Scott StrysickDirector of Engineering

BDA, Inc. (Bensussen Deutsch and Associates.), Woodinville WA

"Anvil Studios is essential to our success. They are an extension to our creative base. I've worked with Treasure and Greg for over three years on 7-8 key projects with outstanding results. How fast do they "get it"? Immediately. In fact, they help us define what we need to see in a successful product, and Treasure and Greg translate that insight to me right away with visualizations that hit the target. It's hard to express how important that is in this business. Anvil's mix of competency, creativity, and insight is rare in the industrial design world. We're partners for the long haul."

BDA, Inc.
Steven CramerDivisional V.P. of Product Management

X2 IMPACT, Seattle WA

"It's been a great pleasure to partner with the Anvil team in developing this revolutionary product. They're perceptive, tech-savvy, fast, and able to accommodate schedule changes on a dime. I consider Anvil to be an extension of my in-house design team. We speak the same language and work together seamlessly. And Treasure and Greg interface well with our engineering staff - a key factor in the success of this groundbreaking device."

Benjamin WatkinsDesign Director

IOTA, INC, Seattle WA

"Anvil listened to our product concepts and provided us with a design family that is truly unique and exactly addressed the products’ intended use."

Dan KnodleDirector of Mechanical Engineering

KESTREL, Philadelphia PA

"We're on our fourth product collaboration with Anvil over a three-year period. Everything has turned out great. This is due to the fact that Greg and Treasure are intimately familiar with the bike industry, and they know how to quickly spin new ideas on top of our valuable DNA to create truly exciting products that become best-sellers. They get things "dead on" from the get-go - in one or two revisions, we're done. They're constantly injecting innovation. And because Anvil's exciting designs have been so instrumental in terms of sales, my CEO is now eager to be part of the review process - he's hooked. The Kestrel bike has surpassed all our expectations - we've doubled our growth for the past six years. We look forward to working with Anvil to keep this strong momentum going into the future."

Steven HaradBrand Manager


"I love you guys. This is SOOOO AMAZING!! Congrats to everyone on this. I am so grateful for all the amazing work you both have done and thank you so much for designing ALEX to be so damn handsome/beautiful (depending on whether your ALEX is a boy or girl). This f-ing rules!"

Chris HotellFounder


"WOW! We are so grateful for all the work you do to get us ‘seen’ in the design world! These awards have made it so much easier to tell our story and get interest at so many new and exciting levels. Thank you again, we know how much work it takes and how much you are doing to make this work and be so very successful. In appreciation and gratitude."

Marta HotellCo-Founder


"I'm a huge Anvil Studios fan. Treasure and Greg have a special knack for canvassing the culture - and a high attentiveness to detail that leads to rich resulting works. I've collaborated with Anvil for several years, and in addition to visionary product design, this team is way beyond the typical design firm in terms of their knowledge of manufacturing in all its aspects. Greg's comprehensive knowledge of metals - allied with Treasure's deep love of fine arts - results in truly crafted design. One great example of this is their revitalization of the Kestrel bike over the years - their combined talents energized the brand and made it new again."

Scott SummitFounder

KESTREL 4000 Professional Triathlete Quotes

"The Kestrel 4000 rides fast, looks hot and is an all-round weapon on the race course. Thanks to Kestrel and the Anvil Studios crew for the kick ass ride"

"I have now ridden the 4000 for about ten days, and I have to say that you did a GREAT job designing that bike. It rides like a machine!"

KESTREL 4000 Professional
Pip TaylorKestrel Sponsored Professional Triathlete
Michael LovatoKestrel Sponsored Professional Triathlete


"I've worked with Treasure and Greg over a period of five years, and I can tell you that they really 'get it.' What makes a design firm remarkable? The ability to fuse creativity and construct; in other words, the ability to develop really interesting and innovative designs that work intuitively from a functional viewpoint - and that can be efficiently manufactured. The Anvil team truly gets this. They develop products you want to touch and that are a pleasure to use.

When I worked at Michael Graves, I engaged with teams of 25 to 30 people who were focused full-time on finding elegant, yet practical solutions. I've found that same level of drive, understanding, and expertise with Greg and Treasure."

Dan GattoCEO and Owner